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Mr Green

Science Park & Pak Shek Kok Promenade

2024.2.25 Sun


2024-03-14: The statistical data have been updated.
Please click here to view the details.

2024-03-05: An e-certificate with results has been released.
Please refer to here for details.

2024-03-05: All photos have been uploaded for runners to download. Please refer to the link to view the photos.
Sportsoho | Dropbox | Google Drive

2024-02-26: Thank you for the support! The running results will be provided digitally along with the e-certificate. We are in the process of finalizing the data and processing the photos, and it will be released shortly.

2024-02-22: Runner Guidebook is released. Click here.

2024-02-21: A Venue Map is updated. Click here.

2024-02-16: Bib Number Collection is now open.
### For more information, please refer to the detailed instructions provided here.

Mr Green

Statistical Data

Age Group & Total Pax.


18 or above


Member 1 15 - 15

Member 2 18 or above



16 - 29 (20)

30 - 39 (13)

40 - 49 (12)

50 or above (15)


16 - 29 (18)

30 - 39 (19)

40 - 49 (17)

50 or above (15)

3km Background


Age Group & Total Pax.


18 or above




16 - 29 (74)

30 - 39 (139)

40 - 49 (148)

50 or above (110)


16 - 29 (27)

30 - 39 (54)

40 - 49 (64)

50 or above (45)

10km Background


Mr Green


Green Run was first held in 2016 to raise public awareness about environmental conservation, protection and responsibility, as well as to promote the transformation of Hong Kong into a greener and more sustainable city. By organising and staging this meaningful charity sports event, we encourage the public to implement greener choices and living habits in their daily lives, while embracing the competitive spirit found in long-distance runners for environmental responsibility.

The 6th edition of Green Run continues to emphasise the principle of green measures and environmental protection. In order to practise green living, we will:

  • Not distribute bottled water or drinks. Instead, we will provide reusable water cups on the event day

  • Set up plastic, metal, paper, glass and food waste recycling bins in prominent places to encourage clean recycling

  • Arrange with our sponsors to distribute food and souvenirs with simple packaging at the Post-run Party

  • Carefully select the type of food for the Post-run Party and estimate the amount of food based on the number of participants to reduce surplus food

Mr Green

Hong Kong Green Run 2024

3km, 10km, Family Race & Individual Race

Mr Green
Running in the Road

Runners can enjoy the
game booths, photo area and
food zone at the Post-run Party

Hong Kong

Green Run 2024

Join the

Green Run (3km, 10km) &

Post-run Party Together!

Dress Code: Green

Feb 25 | 08:00 - 12:00

Science Park &

Pak Shek Kok Promenade

Running in the Road
Mr Green

Hong Kong Green Run 2024

Event Overview

2024 GR-D-6284-min.jpg
Start to Run
Mr Green

 Digital Runner's Bag 

Sports clothes become popular souvenirs for participants. However, recent studies have found that man-made fibre materials for sports clothes will release microfibers during the washing process and flow into the sea.

To reduce the pollution of the environment, this year we are proud to switch to other environmentally friendly souvenirs.

Digital Runner's Bag

Runner's Bag

Mr Green

Sponsors & Supporting Organisation

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